Obama is officially President! YAY!!!

German has come to a bit of a halt in our household. Due to certain life events, I haven’t been studying like I should. And when I’m not feeling well, I tend to revert to ease which equals English. But I have a new outlook on life as of late and will be refreshing German in our life!

I have decided that learning words as a group will do me better. So first I’m concentrating on learning every word and phrase I can that has to do with nature. Each day when we take our nature walks I’ll put my new knowledge to practice and remember where I struggled so as to improve my studies. This will help on many levels. It gives me a goal which I always work better with, it gives me a constant stream of improvement, and it will encourage me to make sure we make it out to our walks.

I’ve had an idea of what to do with Spanish. Three days a week, I’ll make Spanish days. I’m going to put up a calendar of some sort and mark each day with the language to be spoken. As Fin can read, he can read the calendar and see what language day it is. It isn’t a perfect solution but it is the one I have for now. I tried it in the past but that was prior to Fin being able to read almost anything that he so chooses. I believe it will work better now.