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I have visions of sewing projects in my mind.

Per usual, Martha Stewart does it best. Pettiskirts retail for $75 to $80 so making your own can be the difference between having one or going without. I’ve read that it is a pain to sew and nylon chiffon (the regular poly you can easily find in stores frays too easily) is hard to find but I covet at least one of these skirts for Belle. She has a great video tutorial and written directions (hit the “close” button on the video to see the written directions) on how to make a pettiskirt. Here’s another tutorial just for clarification. This is the skirt that inspired my want for a pettiskirt.

I’m thinking of making Friend’s New Baby an appliqued onesie or maybe I’ll use the technique to make Belle a funky shirt to go with her pettiskirt.

This Baby Bunch Bouquet would be a sweet way to present Friend with her baby gift. And I think these baby kiminos are absolutely adorable!