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I’ve finished three baby hats for Knit One Save One. I’m kind of hatted out so I started crocheting a pair of Little Fire Crochet Pants for Belle. I’ve had the Little Fire Crochet Soaker on my Ravelry favorites list forever but I haven’t gotten around to it. But these pants I can’t resist. I was actually just looking for something to break up the monotony of the baby hats and saw the pants on the newly added patterns in Ravelry. (I love Ravelry, if you knit/crochet and you haven’t joined, you should!!!) So I’m going to work on these while making more baby hats. I’m doing it in Caron Simply Soft acrylic for now as I don’t have any wool at the moment.

I’m thinking of making the Gabi baby dress next, or at least sometime in the near future. The Little Legs legwarmers are also very cute.