Knit One Save One is a charity by Save the Children. Luckily enough, they’ve extended their deadline to January 31st. So I joined a blitz done by a group I’m in. My official goal is 15 hats in the ten days that the blitz will last (until the 10th) but I’m hoping to make more than that. Our goal as a group is 300 hats in the next ten days.

I’ve lost my camera again so it’ll be back to taking pictures with  my old phone until I can find it. I’m using Teresa’s 10 Minute Preemie Hat pattern right now. Even though many of the babies are full-term, the living conditions of the mothers often end up in smaller than American average babies. So preemie clothes are good for them.

I like helping close to home, but I really love helping the extremely poverished in other countries. I’m looking into a charity that would let me continue this all year long. I am especially interested in sending things to African countries in particular Ethiopia and Rwanda.