I’ve grown tired of my local library. Really, it is my own fault, but the fines are driving me up the wall. I forget to turn in a book and next thing I know, I’m paying so much for the book that I may as well have bought it because at least then I’d have kept the copy. So, I’m returning all of our library books and I’ll just be using the used bookstore from now on.

For 2009 I’m setting a few goals:

  1. Read 75 books.
  2. Read 350 books to the kids.
  3. Make 50 crocheted/knitted/crafted items for charity.
  4. Lose 30 pounds.
  5. Keep a clean house.
  6. Become conversationally fluent in German, Spanish, French, and American Sign Language. (Some of these languages I’m already pretty good at but I want to be to the point where I can carry on a conversation without stumbling over my words.)
  7. Be more patient.
  8. Follow through with what I plan.
  9. Be on time.
  10. Reduce my debt.
  11. Increase my savings.

I’m in the midst of reading two books right now and I’m going to count them towards my 2009 goal because I’ve just started them.

I’ve decided that I want a house. I’ve been going back and forth in my mind and in conversations with dh about whether we want a house or an apartment. I’ve finally decided that I do want a house, eventually. So while I’m not going to make that a goal for 2009, I’m going to start actively saving for a down payment for 2010.

As for the book goals, I think that it will be a challenge to meet those goals what with having to buy all the books. Fortunately, the used bookstore that I frequent often has kids’ books for as little as a dollar. Not to mention the massive collection that we already own. Many of our gifted books aren’t great reading material (like all the Disney books) so I’ll gradually replace that with higher quality books.

All in all, I’m looking forward to a great 2009!