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I went to a local yarn store the other day. It was beautiful. Everywhere I looked there were shelves upon shelves of yarn. Yarn was on tables and scaling the walls. My hands took on a mind of their own and felt up everything in arm’s reach. People were in the midst of a group or training session at the table and the employees were friendly and ready to help. There were corners that led to small hollows of yarn. My wallet couldn’t keep up with my wants so I ended up leaving with only two skeins of Oh My! Plymouth Yarn.

Oh My! Plymouth Yarn

I’m going to make Belle a hat and some mittens with this yarn. I’ve already started the hat.

I am forever losing my crochet hooks. So I’m going to make myself a crochet hook holder to keep in my yarn bag. This one holds a few hooks and is perfect for my purse. I’ll need to make another that holds all my crochet hooks or at least a complete set but I think I’ll make that one first so I can put a project in my purse without worrying about losing my hooks.