I’ve just found out that my friend (technically husband’s friend’s wife, but she’s cool people) is expecting and due in May. You know what this means? Diapers, crocheting, and lots of it!

Belle needs more diapers as well so I’ve decided to buy the Darling Diapers Unlimited pattern. With it you can make fitteds, AIOs, covers, and pockets which is just what I need since I’d like to make a mix of all of those for Belle and new friend baby. It is only 14.50 and comes in PDF form that you get as soon as payment is complete (pay through Paypal or money order) which means that you can print it off again and again. I’ve wanted to try this pattern for years now so I guess this is the time to do it! The multiple patterns, ease of getting the pattern, and the email support are what made me decide on this pattern over Very Baby. Not to mention the numerous recommendations for this pattern.

As it so happens, Joann’s is having a sale right now on fleece, flannel, and terry cloth. I’ll get the elastic from a local fabric store (the fabric there is too expensive for me but the thread and elastic are just right) and I’ve got enough Touchtape for now. I’d like to buy a snap machine eventually but for now, it is Touchtape all the way. The DD pattern works with Touchtape or snaps so that’s great (and another reason that I voted for it over the Fattycakes pattern that I’d like to try but that requires the use of snaps).

Because we don’t have a washer/dryer in our apartment I’m going to make more diapers than I normally would for Belle. I’m thinking that I will be able to wash once a week (I’m underestimating just in case) so that will take about 40 diapers. I won’t be able to make all of those right now but I’ll just chip away at the number. I’ll be making mostly AIOs but I’ll make a few fitteds, covers, and pockets as well. In fact, it may be better to make pockets because of the washer/dryer situation.

As for what I plan to make for Friend’s Baby Bean here’s a list in progress (she has a washer/dryer):

  1. 10 newborn AIOs
  2. 3 newborn pockets
  3. 6 newborn fitteds
  4. 3 newborn covers
  5. 1 crocheted soaker
  6. 1 crocheted longie
  7. 1 newborn baby sweater
  8. 1 sewn baby blanket
  9. 1 crocheted baby blanket
  10. 5 big burp cloths
  11. 2 pairs of baby mitts (haven’t decided between crocheted or sewn)
  12. 5 newborn hats
  13. 1 baby toy
  14. 1 diaper bag
  15. 1 wet bag for home (I think it is called a wet bag, it is just a bag that you put the dirty diapers in)
  16. 1 wet bag for the diaper bag
  17. 2 pairs of breast pads

The plan (as of now) is to make all of this and buy a nice basket to put it in. Her husband is pretty tall so I’m probably going to add in some 0-3 month sized things as well. I’m going to add the Dr. Sear’s baby book and a tube of Lansinoh as well. I’m so excited because they are great people who I’m sure will raise an amazing child. I’m not sure whether they are going to find out the sex yet so when I start I’m just going to use greens and yellows and gender neutral patterns.