I’m making some diapers for Belle. Right now I’m drafting the pattern according to these directions. I don’t have a lot of flannel right now and I’m not sure where my regular elastic is so I’m just going to make a few AIOs. Next week I’m going to buy more supplies and I’ll make some fitteds and some covers, mainly because that will then enable me to crochet some soakers! I’m about halfway done drafting my pattern so I’m going to finish that and then cut out a diaper. I’m hoping to get one finished before Belle wakes up so then I can try it on her and fix anything that is wrong with it.

I’m going to try something new with the diaper. One of the mamas who is in a birth club group with me made a fabulous diaper for her baby. She made these velcro tabs that are backed by fabric and it looks really cool with the end effect being that you don’t see the front velcro when the diaper is fully closed. I’m going to try that on this diaper because it looks so cool!

I finally found my camera so I’ll update with pictures when I’m done.