I am not a kid person. My brain doesn’t automatically think in “kid”. I don’t think of cool things and traditions and games and crafts on my own. I just don’t. Prior to having kids I would coo over a cute baby but never (NEVER!) actually hold one. When in the last stages of pregnancy with my oldest, I went to visit my cousin and held her baby. She was cute. Then I handed her back.

After having kids of my own, I like other kids a bit more. But still, my head just doesn’t think like that. It is hard for me to say I’m having “fun” while building with legos or playing space rockets.

I don’t know how this happened. As a kid I loved making up games and creating. But then… I grew up and school pounded that creativity out of my brain, one standardized test at a time.

And so has begun my search for books with cool activities/traditions to do with the kids.

Sigh. I love books but sometimes it is a burden to be the type of person who must learn from them.