I’ve been working on some fingerless gloves for awhile now. I ripped back to the end of the thumb and have started again. I really like them and think that I’ll wear them often this winter.

I bought four pairs of knitting needles (7, 8, 9, 10) last night. I spent a little bit trying out a knit/purl combo and then started thinking about returning the needles and getting more yarn with which to crochet. I probably will just keep the needles but wait on learning to knit. Many of the patterns that I like require smaller needles/cable needles/circular needles. Plus, I have so many items on my “to crochet” list. One of the things that makes me want to knit is my husband’s frequent chant about how there are “holes” in my crochet. Not very nice, certainly. But when I make him things I’d like to keep in mind that he doesn’t like the “holes” and knit him something instead. So I’ll keep the needles and get some more on my next payday so I can work on that. Plus there are some patterns I’ve loved forever and wanted to try out.

I have the Amy Butler baby pattern book: Little Stitches for Little Ones and I love some of the patterns in it. Right now I’m in a crochet groove (as proved by the putting down of the needles when I’ve yearned to knit a sweater for years) but I’ll get back to it.