This is Belle’s Round Ripple. Please excuse the laptop and papers in the corner, I’m too tired to edit the photo right now! Anyway, it looks big in the picture but it isn’t big enough yet. On the bottom you can see that I’ve started a third round of the pink but I’m almost out of that color and I don’t know if I’ll have enough to go all the way around. So I’m ripping it back and adding a lighter pink that I have a full skein of. It bunches like that in the middle because I didn’t realize I’d changed hooks until quite a few rounds later. I started out using an I hook and somewhere in the red I switched to a J hook by accident. By the time I discovered it I’d done quite a few rows and didn’t want to rip back. I’m not too bothered by it though it does upset me a little. Not enough to rip back though!

This is the Swish Superwash that I bought from Knitpicks. It is the Merlot Heather colorway.

Shine Worsted in the Hollyberry colorway.

Shine worsted in the Terra Cotta colorway.

Caron Simply Soft Brites, Rose Violet, that I got from Wal-Mart.

Caron Simply Soft Brites, Berry Blue.