After working on the blanket some more I’ve realized that my original thoughts on how many more rows I’d do were out of proportion. I didn’t realize how quickly the blanket would work up. Since I last posted my progress, I’ve done four rounds of red, five rounds of pink, and I’m working on a row of red. I’m thinking that I’ll do four rows of red (including the one that I’m working now), four of pink (maybe five, I’ll see how it looks), and finish it with one or two rows of red. I think it should be big enough at that point. Of course, nothing is set in stone, I’m just crocheting it until I think it looks right. I’m trying to dig out a camera so that I can take pictures of my progress. I’ve found a camera but no batteries and no camera cord. I had a great camera but it disappeared one night, I think my kids might have thrown it away while they were cleaning one day.