I went out and bought the yarn and fiberfill for the July projects today. All of it is acrylic. I wanted to get cotton but they didn’t have the colors that I wanted so I walked over to the wool. I realized (luckily, prior to paying) that it would felt when I washed it and since these are going to be kids’ toys and will get dirty I just went to the acrylic. I got a deep blue (maybe black, didn’t look very closely) and deep purple for the balls, red and green for the strawberries, and I’ll use the purple or red and green for the grapes. I still need to get some wooden beads for the grapes. I’ll likely start on the Baby Grab Ball first because I want to make one for the baby to have now and one for Christmas.

My dad’s birthday is in July so I’ll be crocheting him a remote caddy as well.