Did you know about the risks of BPA in your canned foods, including canned baby food and formula?

Belle did the cutest thing yesterday. She said “mama”! Ok, so it wasn’t actually “mama”, it sounded more like “Mom” but she was trying to crawl to me (she’s doing a scoot/crawl/roll thing to get around these days) and she started crying because it was too much work for her and she looked at me and said “Mam”. Of course I picked her up immediately and started celebrating (and maybe rubbing it in the Husband’s face a little as well!) She’s not yet four months old so it is really cool. She’s got a weird little thing going on with her hair though. The sides of her head have these patches of almost baldness where she sleeps on them. Hopefully that’ll grow in soon.

Tomorrow we’ll be doing origami dinosaurs!