I’m loving My Registry. With the help of the website you are able to make one registry that pulls from many different websites. I’ve added the button to my toolbar so I can easily add things when I see them. You can even add things from Etsy which is really great. I’m using it to keep track of the things I want to buy for Husband, the kids, and myself. I’ll probably pass the link out to interested parties (a.k.a. my mom, sister, and brother who are forever buying my children gifts) this Christmas which should probably help cut down on the “whatever shall I get them that is an approved toy” (no lead, no MIC, etc.) dance that starts November 1st and lasts through the holidays. I especially like the tags option so that you can put the person’s name down. I often forget if something that I bookmark is supposed to be for my kids or for other random people which the tags option should help cut out.