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I’m in the process of making a floppy sunhat for Belle from Ravelry. Floppy Sunhat It looks cute in the picture, very Southern belle (*wink*), and I’m loving it. I’m using some basic Peaches & Creme yarn that I bought from Wal-Mart. I think it is the Article 930 Worsted Weight in Winterberry but I threw the packaging away so I can’t be sure. I’m using a size F hook when the pattern calls for a H. Call me adventurous, call me stupid, or just call it like it is: I lost my H hook and don’t get paid until next week but didn’t feel like putting the project off until then. I bought this yarn because it was affordable and I was already at Wal-Mart. It is really soft, though not as soft and yummy as bamboo.

I’m going to get some yarn from Knit Picks when I get paid. I’m also looking at getting some from WEBS on payday. I love bamboo yarn and they have some pretty good prices (Knit Picks doesn’t carry bamboo yarn, I’m looking at cotton blends from them). I’ve got a ton of patterns on my favorites list at Ravelry and I’ve just realized that the year is half over and I’ve yet to get started on the million things I want to get done in time for the birthday/holiday rush that starts this fall.

I recently got a raise at work and little does the Husband know, but I plan to put that towards my “yarn lust” fund!

After I finish the hat I might make some socks to match, if I have enough yarn left.