I’m bogged down with projects here.

I’m in the process of making my baby some cloth diapers. Today I made one and realized that I need to tweak the pattern. I used a free pattern but the crotch is entirely too wide and the wings aren’t long enough. I cut out a bunch of pieces already which stinks because I think I have to go up in size for her. I did the newborn pattern but it seems as though at one month old she already needs the small size. So today I’m going to draft my own pattern with longer wings and a slimmer crotch.

I finally got my two Simplicity patterns yesterday. I ordered a pajama pattern for my boys and a cute A-line dress pattern (with a matching headband!) for my baby. I have a few yards of plain fabric so I’m thinking of trying my hand at a dress for her by the end of the week.

I also want to make the baby a few hats. When she lies on her side her little ear crumples over itself and I need something to stop that. I was going to make her a few headbands but then I had ugly visions of it being a choking hazard so I decided that I’ll make hats instead. I need to make her a few pairs of leg warmers and socks as well. There is a baby knee high sock pattern that I think would work really well with the dresses I want to make her.

I can’t find my camera so the pictures I of my final projects look really bad. I hope I find it soon!