I just made my husband a Soap Sack. Our anniversary is in a week and we are broke so I decided to make him something with the yarn I have laying around. In addition to the soap sack I’m going to make him a pair of Replacement Headphone Covers for a pair of headphones he has that he lost the covers to awhile ago. I was thinking of making a Back Scrubber to match the soap sack but I’m not sure he’d actually want or appreciate one. I’ll likely just crochet him a Beanie as he loves them and has asked me for years to make him a hat (or five).

I was in the process of admiring my work when my husband took a look at what I was doing. He knew that I was crocheting for him but he was busy so I thought I was safe. When he saw that I was done he grabbed it from me and proclaimed it was a change purse. I huffed what it really was and explained the concept and before I even finished telling him how to pull the string closed he had trotted off to the bathroom to try it out. My husband is not normally a bath product user, he’ll wash off with soap and wash his hair but any extra steps are ignored. So for him to actually try out a soap sack on his own was amazing. I finally managed to tell him that it was for our anniversary after he’d scrubbed his face with it. I was a little upset at that point because I’d wanted to take a picture to upload to my projects at Ravelry but by the time I realized what he was doing he’d already stuffed his bar soap in the soap sack and got it all wet. Definitely not the best look for a picture. So I’m going to
make another tomorrow and take a picture of that one for my project page.

The success of this gift and the absolute ease with which I completed the project has made me decide to give this as a gift to a few other people. My brother, sister, and niece all have birthdays coming up and of course I’ll need something for my mom for Mother’s Day. I’ll have to add a couple things to each gift to give it diversity but this is one easy piece that functions well.

I’m glad that my husband liked this. It is so hard to find things to crochet for men. I think he’ll like this Laptop Cover and I’m going to crochet it for his Father’s Day present. But besides hats, gloves, scarves (which he rarely wears), and a few electronic covers there aren’t many options for crocheted items for men. Even those categories are seriously lacking. As I get better at crocheting this is an area that I’ll need to look into designing some patterns of my own.