Dul loves his Mega Bloks. We have the big ones made for toddlers and also some smaller ones that are made for older kids. He spends hours every day playing with the blocks, designing different things. A few days ago he made a helicopter with no help from anyone and just from his imagination. You could tell what it was by looking at it and it even had a non-working propeller. The boy loves to build.

So today he was building while I was nursing the baby and came in with a couple pieces.

“Mama, look!”
“Oh, that’s nice!”
“Yeah.” He looked at the pieces with pride and stroked them lovingly.
“I really like those, Dul”
“Yeah, Mama. I made this myself!”
“You made that yourself? That is great!”
“Yeah, Mama.”
“That is really nice, Dul. That is beautiful.”
“Yeah, Mama, it is beautiful! And your head is beautiful!”

Got to love that little boy!