I’m going to try out Library Thing. Basically I’m going to use it to keep a running list of the books that we read. I’m starting from today as it would be much too big a project to go back over every book we’ve ever read. I’ve added a widget to the side that shows the recent books we’ve read and also a search function so you can search my “library”. It seems really cool! Something I didn’t know about Library Thing: You can access it from your cell and search your library. That is great because I often find myself at the book store not knowing if I already own a book. Now if only there were a way to separate books you’ve only read from books that you’ve read AND own!

Ah, I just read that you can only add 200 books for free, after that you need to buy a membership. The lifetime membership says that it is $25, however it also has an option for $19. I’ll probably be buying that soon as we’ll get to 200 books in no time.